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About LOGL::GLib:

LOGL::GLib is an OpenGL game library written in C++ that allows new C++/OpenGL programmers to focus more on the game and less on the details.

Many XNA developers, new programmers, and developers from other languages get a little overwhelmed when tackling a game with C++ and OpenGL.
LOGL::GLib aims to make the process easier by allowing the creation of a window, the loading of 3D models and other tedious features to be done in just a couple of lines.

Feel free to follow my progress on Tumblr!

The latest version of LOGL::GLib featured 3D *.obj loading.

Current Features:

  • Easily load 3D textured *obj models.
  • Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X supported.
  • Concise Object-Oriented design.
  • Load custom vertex/fragment shaders (with descriptive compiler/linker logs).
  • Load TGA files and quickly texture polys.
  • Easily set the game's FPS (frames per second) and UPS (updates per second) dynamically.
  • Noob-friendly!

Planned Features:

  • GUI framework to extend input capabilities.
  • 3D Model loading (supported formats: .x, .3ds -> More will be added at a later time.
  • Pre-written shaders to easily allow the use of fog, lighting, and other features.
... More will be up as I progress.

Contact Me:

If you have any questions, suggestions, or miscellaneous comments, you may email me at I will try my hardest to reply to all emails.

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